About Wearable Hair

What Is The Differences Among Virgin Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian & Indian Hair?

The differences are more apparent in the hair's reaction to water, heat or air drying. It will be easy to tell different after heating or wetting the hair. Some hair features you should know before your order it.

Brazilian hair features: straight or wavy, course, high luster, curl well.

Peruvian hair features: straight, wavy or curly, silky, medium luster, curl.

Malaysian hair features: wavy, silky, very shiny, curl.

Indian hair features: wavy, curly, soft, high luster, curl. 

How Many Hair Bundles Are Needed  For A Full Head?

Usually need 3 packs for a full head except over 18 inch. We suggest 4 packs if you want to make a full head that length over 18 Inch.

What Is The Differences Between Human Hair & Syntheic Hair?

There are advantages to both and many people choose to have human hair and synthetic hair wigs on hand for different circumstances.

More expensive:  Human Hair offers the most natural look and feel as well as styling versatility. While typically more expensive, with proper care, human hair can last over a year. We sale human hair only.

Affordable price: Synthetic hair tends to be a more affordable choice and offers great ease of wear — it can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling.

Can I Color My Hair?

While synthetic hair cannot be dyed, human hair can. But, it is a tricky process that should be handled by a hair professional only.

We recommend only going darker, not lighter -- there is a lot of chemical processing involved in the making of a wig and additional manipulation can cause damage.

We do not recommend bleaching or attempting to strip or lighten color on any human hair pieces. By the way, we sale color hair.

Can I Curl Or Straighten My Hair?

Synthetic hair can be irreparably damaged if you try to curl or straighten the hair with heat tools, unless they are smart heat tools.

Consider human hair for the ultimate styling versatility – you can curl or straighten them as you would your own hair. We suggest you pick up style we offer.

Can I Shower With My Hair?

We do not recommend this. If you want, we suggest that ask salon near you first.

In our opinions, Wash hair once a week. You can use gel and spray to keep style in place.


Orders & Delivery

Can I Pay Paypal Via Credit Card?

Yes, You can. Credit card option will show up when you are on checkout page. Follow step and fill in information.

Can I Cancel Or Edit My Order?

As soon as you place your order, we’re on it – we know you need it fast!

Unfortunately this means we will be unable to make any changes as it’s already being processed at the warehouse (literally within seconds!).

You’ll need to place another order or return any unwanted items. Track unwanted items here. 

Where Is My Order?

Track my order will help you to locate your package.  

Why Is My Order Late?

Are you sure it’s late? Please double check the delivery option you selected, cut off times for ordering and the date which we said it will be delivered by.

Any questions, You can ask us by email(Nicole@girlsglow.com) or chat box.

I Received An Incorrect Item, What Do I Do?

We will get this fixed for you ASAP just head over to our chat box.

When you message, please include the following information:

  • Your name

  • Order number

  • Product name and code of the item ordered

  • Product name and code of the item received

  • Picture of the incorrect item and a description of the incorrect item received

Please wait until you’ve spoken to our Customer Care team before you return anything to us so we can make sure we get the correct item to you as quickly as possible.

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